2015 Fall Fellows

self portraitDavid Maddox is a born and raised Mid-Westerner, coming from his hometown of Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from Kansas City’s Rockhurst University in 2011 with his undergraduate degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Political Science. Months after graduating David was settling down into the town of Taourirt, Morocco where he lived for the next two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. His 27 month stay in Morocco allowed him to immerse himself in the language, culture and daily lives of Morocco and the Moroccans he lived among. David was involved mostly with teaching English at a youth center but was also much involved with community organizing, putting together a gender equality youth group as well as putting on an AIDs informational presentation for his town. These were done after meeting with community members and establishing a relationship with a local counterpart. Coming back to the United States, after having lived in such a contrasting way for two years, has been challenging at times but also has been immensely promising to David. He taught High School World History and World Geography this past year in Wichita, Kansas and recently moved West to Portland. David is looking at becoming more involved with campaigns to help make substantial progress in our political system.

12049570_751722721640438_6099555806658192836_nAlly Heueisen is currently attending Portland Community College while studying to major in Public Policy and Political Science, since her passion has been working in state legislature to improve Higher Education in the state of Oregon. Having worked as the Director of Legislative Affairs and the Government Relations Intern for the college, she worked to better enrich the experience of students at PCC, and provide representation to administration for the local student body population. She helped direct and organize Portland Community College’s voter registration campaign last year for the mid-term elections, as well as PCC’s lobby day at the Capitol, lobbying with other fellow community college faculty and administrators to help forward higher education in the state of Oregon. She also worked on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board for the city of Beaverton for 2 years, representing the youth of Beaverton to local as well as national city officials. She’s passionate about youth advocacy, social justice, and public education, and enjoys spending her time listening to music and going on new adventures. She plans to begin her career working in criminal justice, and dreams of being elected as a U.S. Congresswoman to better serve her community in Washington D.C.