Year of Service Program

The Bus Project offers top graduates from PolitiCorps Summer an opportunity to develop a deeper depth of knowledge and leadership experience while working on projects central to the progressive movement. The Year of Service program is designed to support the progressive movement by:

• Recruiting new leadership into the progressive movement;
• Increasing the skills and capacity of young progressive political leaders;
• Supporting and expanding opportunities for progressive leaders and communities to work collaboratively; and
• Promoting the importance of leadership development among progressive organizations.

Core Elements of the Year of Service

Service: Active service (paid or volunteer) with a progressive campaign, non-profit organization, or elected official (support finding jobs provided during PolitiCorps Summer). The PolitiCorps Director works with employers to ensure a clear work plan (including goals, objectives, strategies, criteria for success, a timeline, benchmarks, and budget if appropriate) supervision and evaluation.

Mentorship: Connection with a mentor in the Fellow’s field of interest (a local community leader, elected official, etc).

1-1 Leadership Coaching: Problem-solving and coaching around a Fellow’s personal leadership questions and ideas.

Advanced training: Monthly trainings on topics such as collaboration and coalition building, running effective meetings, issue and policy classes, and non-profit management. Free participation in the Rebooting Democracy Conference.

Networking: Monthly 1-1 and small group meetings with community leaders.

Special projects: Successful completion of one major project with the Bus Project at a leadership level (Trick or Vote, Wheelies, PolitiCorps, Conference, etc.); leadership level projects with a progressive campaign, non-profit, or elected official; a final work product (eg. written report, policy white paper, campaign summary, video).

For Employers:

Contact Nathan Howard at 503.233.3018 or to hire a Fellow!

Post a job to the alumni network (email Amy).