I’m interested in PolitiCorps

PolitiCorps is a national Fellowship for young progressives interested in a term of service for democracy, and a lifetime of public interest activism. We face the greatest challenges in more than a generation. Your leadership and service are needed now.

We hold two sessions of PolitiCorps.

Summer PolitiCorps is a 10-week long intensive bootcamp where young folks all across the nation come to learn about campaign planning, grassroots organizing, and leadership development. Fellows have the opportunity to work every day on a campaign that they are passionate about and graduate PolitiCorps with the skills necessary for working in progressive politics. We will start accepting applications in January 2016, so keep an eye out for updates!

Fall PolitiCorps is a 10-week long program where fellows meet 2-3 times each week to learn about how to plan their own campaign. Each year we work to give young people the skills they need to run campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and succeed in the political world. Through Fall PolitiCorps, fellows will get the experience of working on issue campaigns through a series of field work and guest speakers. In the past we have worked on issues such as affordable housing, ban the box, climate change, minimum wage, and more.

If this sounds like your jam, we are still accepting applications and you can fill one out here.  This form is the first step of the application process. Strong candidates for the program will be contacted with a link to the full application.

What’s next?

1. If you are a strong applicant, you will receive an email with a link to the full application. The full application is simple: We’ll just be asking you some in-depth questions about your passions and your organizing experience.

2. Excellent prospects will be offered the opportunity to have a face to face interview with the PolitiCorps director, Amy Kessler.

Questions? Email Amy Kessler at amy@busproject.org