About applying for PolitiCorps

About PolitiCorps Summer

About PolitiCorps Year of Service

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About applying for PolitiCorps

There are 4 easy steps:

(1) An initial application with some questions about your interests and motivations.

(2) A full application requiring a resume, two short essays, unofficial transcript, and two references.

(3) A face-to-face or Skype interview with one of the awesome alums all over the country.

(4) A Skype interview with the Director.

How soon will I know if I got in?

The whole 4 step process can happen as quickly as a week, or it can take a couple months — depending mostly on you. We review applications as they are submitted.

Read more about the application process and start your application.

About PolitiCorps Summer

How much does it cost? We’re committed to making sure that money isn’t a barrier to participation in PolitiCorps. PolitiCorps costs about $5,500 per Fellow – the Fellowship covers that cost (so it’s free for you). We even pay a modest stipend & set you up with a free homestay for the summer.

Getting paid? But how much? It depends. Whether you’re far or near (flights and such), got loans to pay, living with your folks in Portland, etc. The average stipend is around $1000.

What are the hours like? PolitiCorps is only ten weeks long. We cram a lot into that time – classes, trainings, field work, volunteer organizing, networking, etc etc. You’ll be working almost every day of those ten weeks – campaign hours. We’ve got five days off scheduled for the summer.

Where will I live? We’ll set you up with a friendly homestay host in Portland. If you’re already living in Portland and want to live there, that’s just fine.

How will I get around? Howeva you’d like. Portland has a great public transportation system (www.trimet.org). We’ve also got some bikes we loan out each summer (and smarty-pants bike gurus who can fix anything that ails your bicycle). You can find an awesome biking map of Portland here.

What does a typical day at PolitiCorps look like? A typical weekday at PolitiCorps begins around 9am with a morning check-in and the first class of the day. Classes and workshops generally last until 12 or 1pm. Fellows have a break for lunch, have a daily field check-in meeting and then work on their field campaign in the afternoon and evening – planning, doing field work, recruiting and managing volunteers, etc. We also often squeeze in community trainings or events, networking opportunities and house parties. Field time is followed by a nightly check-in and data entry.

Read more about the summer program.

about PolitiCorps Year of Service

Who is eligible for the Year of Service? The program is open to summer graduates within two years of their summer experience (In 2014, Fellows from 2012, 2011, and 2010 will be eligible).

How do I apply? The summer program is the interview for the Year of Service. Fellows are selected to participate based on their summer performance.

Do I get paid? Fellows are paid directly by their employer. For any Year of Service Fellows who are not provided health care by their employer, the program offers a monthly health care stipend.

Read more about the Year of Service program.

about the Bus Project

The Bus Project? Is this public transportation? Nope. We’re not public transit, but we’re down with that sort of thing. We’re a non-partisan, non-profit political organization dedicated to getting young people involved in politics (and making politics fun). We like to say that we’re a vehicle for hands-on democracy. We drive votes, we drive leaders, we drive change (and yes, we do have a bus).

PolitiCorps is a program of the Bus Project.