2017 Summer Fellows

Abby Boulton was born in raised in Portland and is super excited to be back for the summer. A rising senior at the University of Vermont, she is a double major in Art History and Sociology. She just returned from a semester abroad in Florence, Italy where she enjoyed the opportunity to immerse herself in a different culture. After working for Planned Parenthood Abby gained a much deeper appreciation of advocacy and is looking forward to continuing her involvement through PolitiCorps. She is deeply passionate about issues of representation, education, and equality. You could probably find her reading the news, practicing yoga, or out and about around Portland.

Adilene Valencia is a student at Portland State University working towards a BS in Community Development. She grew up across the river in Vancouver, WA but her heart has always loved Portland. She moved to neighboring Gresham and has fallen even more in love with the city and its people. In high school she spent her time in student government, then at MHCC she was the director of community affairs where she got her first taste of organizing and absolutely loved it! She has two adorable poodle pups and home, and spends most of her free time out in the parks, Cafe Delirium, or grabbing a bite to eat with friends.

Collin Haahr was born in Portland and was raised by two proud “St. Johns” residents in the Northwest section of the city. He is a recent graduate of the University of Portland, and after spending countless hours studying and working, with a few dedicated to fun, he is ready to finally cause the action he wishes to see in politics. His main passions are Environmental Policy, Public Schooling, and Civil Rights, subjects he has vocally and publicly supported his entire life. When he’s not reading political commentary on The Atlantic, Politico, or The Washington Post, he’s most likely watching sports, always proudly routing for the Blazers, Timbers, Mariners, Ducks, Pilots, Eagles and Everton!

Helen Eldred was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon and is currently a rising sophomore at Mount Holyoke College where she is a Politics major with an intended minor in Journalism. In 2014, she interned for Sara Gelser’s successful campaign for Oregon State Senate. At Mount Holyoke, she is the Vice President of the College Democrats chapter and campaigned for the 2016 Democratic ticket in New Hampshire. She is interested in transferring her academic pursuits into practical solutions to real world problems. In her spare time she loves to read, listen to music, go on hikes, have dinner parties, and there is nothing that gets her going more than a good panel discussion.

Huell White is originally from a small town in Southern New Mexico. He moved to Portland in 2012 to study Russian at Portland State University. Huell has lived, studied and interned in Europe, Russia and Central Asia, which subsequently shaped his worldview. A lifelong obsession with politics has led him to the hop on the Bus, and hopes that PolitiCorps will lead him to fulfill his dream of working in public service.

Janiel Santos is originally from Nevada and moved to Oregon as a child where she grew up in Tualatin. A current student at the University of Oregon, Janiel is pursuing a degree in Family-Human Services, with a minor in Ethnic Studies. Janiel is passionate about women and reproductive rights, racial justice and empowering Latinx youth. Janiel’s dream is to pursue a graduate degree in Administration and Policy, and hopefully work with Latinx youth in the future.

Kaia Johnson Born and raised in Northwest Washington, Kaia grew up barefoot wandering through the San Juan Islands, finding her voice not only in social work, but as a writer and artist. Kaia is almost a Washington State University alumni, finishing up her last semester this fall, getting her undergraduate degree in Journalism after completing her minor in Comparative Ethnic Studies. Passionate on just about every topic, she is quick to add not only her views and thoughts, but probably at least one joke per conversation. She’s incredibly excited for what this summer can achieve.

Kathy Bond is a current Economics and Political Science major at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Kathy first became interested in politics after working on a campaign for her district representative in Las Vegas, Nevada. To Kathy, politics is about creating positive change within her community, and she continues to follow her passion for community engagement by volunteering for the Oregon Food Bank and after-school programs in middle schools across Portland. In her free time, Kathy loves to make bad puns, play card games, and pet cute dogs she sees.

Nathaniel Torry-Schrag, a native Oregonian who grew up in small towns west of Portland, is currently enrolled in the Portland State University Urban Honors College. A student of Political Science, Nathaniel stays engaged with academics, clubs, local campaigns, and more. If he isn’t on the Washington Post’s website, you can find him with him reading, eating, tweeting, and all that other good stuff millennials do. His biggest passions are politics (duh), music, and travel. Nathaniel is excited for opportunity to work with an incredible non-profit like The Bus Project, and looks forward to bringing his dedication to local and ethical politics to the fellowship.

Olivia Hasencamp Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Olivia is majoring in Dance Studies at Reed College. She has been involved in organizing on campus with DiversIfY and Blue Heron Kollective, as well as in the greater Portland area. She has a current focus on racial justice, LGBTQ+ justice, gender equality, and educating youth, with an interest in the ways that different bodies of knowledge–like dancing and cooking!–can be used and valued as sites of teaching and learning in the classroom. Although Olivia likes being busy, her favorite pastimes are having dance parties, reading, hanging out with friends, and drinking a large glass of milk.

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