There are many ways to support a Fellow, or the whole program.

$6,000 Full Scholarship | $3,000 Opportunity Grant for a Fellow | $2,000 Food and lodging for a Fellow |  $1,000 Summer Stipend for a Fellow |$500 Travel grant for a Fellow | $100 Pizza for the whole team |$50 Curriculum materials for a Fellow

Make a one time donation to PolitiCorps via the Bus Project’s secure PayPal system.

Give us a call and discuss the best way to give. Just ask to speak to Minh Ha at 503-233-3018 or email our fundraising team at

Thank you for your generous support!

Host a Fellow for the Summer

Spare room? Your own student away for the summer? Hosting a Fellow in your home can be an incredibly rewarding way to get to know the program. Call Janet at 503-233-3018 to learn more (or email

PolitiCorps depends on the generous volunteers in the Portland area who open their homes to students during the summer.

Many thanks to homestay volunteers:

Dwight Adkins • Linda Barkus • Jennifer Yocom & Josh Billeter • Maggie Brenneke • Diane & John Calhoun • Liz & Ben Cannon • Linda Clingan • Preston Corless • Molly Aleshire & Jesse Cornett • Rosemary Furfey & Chris Dearth • Dalynn and Ted Downen • Norma Dulin • Lisa Frack • Jeana Frazzini & Family • Laura Graser • Alison Wiley & Thor Hinckley • Meganne Steele & Daniel Hoyer • Judith Jeffries • Betty Jones • Tess Jordan • Emily Kintzer • Henry Kraemer • Muriel Lezak • Nora Rachel Liebowitz • Jerry & Anita Lindsay • Anne & Lee Littlewood • Linda McKinley • Thomas Ngo • Tom Novick • Kelly O’Hanley • Maren Peterson • Randie & Mark Peterson • Nick Popenuk • Caitlin Baggott & Rich Rodgers • Sara Ryan • Larry Scruggs • Barbara Shaw • Dan Sheil • Tom & Sally Sincic • Katy Lesowski & Jefferson Smith • Joe Smith & Meredith Wood Smith • Anne Stone • Toto Vo • Gavin White

Host a House Party with the Fellows

Invite a passel of friends over to meet some of the rising stars in politics today. You’ll be inspired. Better yet, you can help make this program happen. Call us at 503-233-3018 to set up a house party for PolitiCorps.

Thank You!

Since 2005, PolitiCorps has been made possible by generous support from the following individuals, family trusts, and foundations:

Andy and Deborah Rappaport • Bill Barton • Beth Bernard • Bill Dickey • Caitlin Baggott & Rich Rodgers • Catherine Hojem • Cheryl Albrecht • Christine Lewis • David Rabiner • Educational Foundation of America • El Hispanic News • Elon Hasson • Germanacos Foundation Heather Beusse • Jane Aiken • Jefferson Smith • Jennifer Yocom • Jeremy Rogers • Jesse Bontecou • John Gustafson • Joseph Baessler • Josie Mendoza and Hugh Mackworth • Lew Frederick • Lisa Grove • Lois Leveen • Marjorie Wazeka • Mike Williams and Linda Love • Open Society Institute • Oregon Community Foundation: Grey Family Fund • Patricia Smythe • Rappaport Family Foundation • Richard and Molly Kohnstamm • Sarah Masterson • Sasha Pollack • Shirley Gittelsohn and Ernest Bonyhadi • Steve Johnson • Steve McGeady • Steve Novick • Sue Hagmeier • Sue Porter • Tori Bryer and Neilson Abeel • WiIliam Gaylord and Linda Eyerman • William Shields and Shelda Holmes • Homer Williams

Ethos Music • Pyramid Brewing • Albina Press • Purple Tooth • Blue Gardenia • The Fresh Pot • New Deal Vodka

And hundreds of Bus Project Monthly Members.

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